What is Extvolat?

EXTVOLAT is a pure plant extract. Extvolat is a monoproduct consisting of natural bioactive microelements only of natural organic origin, which makes it a perfect basis and/or additive to a final product.

Extvolat is an advanced raw material which may replace water in cosmetics production. It is a new active basis for production of high quality cosmetics.

Extvolat is considerably superior to commercially available essential oils and hydrolates because extraction temperature does not exceed 30 degrees and the process itself does not require any water. Thanks to these two advantages, we preserve the most part of microelements and precious substances of various plants.

Original name “Extvolat“ is a derivative of two words (“extract” and “volatile substances”).

Цвет горизонтальной линии

Innovative method

The method consists of equidirectional motion of warm air delivered to raw materials at minimal temperatures (approximately + 30 С). Via extraction of medicinal herbs and plants, we obtain high quality extractable liquid materials and bioactive substances of natural origin which become a basis for manufacture of cosmetics.


All equipment and extraction technology are patented proprietary scientific research results.

The regions of origin of our raw material are Altai.

We buy the raw material for the Pine Extvolat extraction from the facilities located in the forest of Altai taiga. The air in these regions is pure and there are no factories around that can pollute nature.




Raw material preparation

After selection of raw material, we prepare it for pine Extvolat extraction. Tree trunks are cut into pieces of required shape, then the pieces are loaded into unit chamber, where pine Extvolat is extracted by uniform supply of warm air of the temperature below 30С.  





The end product — Pine Extvolat — goes straight to container — Intermediate bulk container or plate barrel. Then the container is sent to the finished product storage unit to wait for its delivery to a customer.