What is Extvolat?

EXTVOLAT is a pure plant extract. It is a carefully obtained moist from any moisture-containing raw material (it can be any bushes, herbs, vegetables, fruits etc), basically we created a truly awesome drying process of the raw material and gathering all the moisture that it has inside.

The technology that obtains Extvolat is unique because during extraction it preserves the most of microelements and precious substances of various plants that fade away during the traditional extraction process.

That’s why we made up with this name “Extvolat” which is derivative of two words (“Extract” and “violative substances”), because we preserve all of them.

Our vision for Extvolat is to use it as a replacement of water in cosmetics production.

It is a basis for the production of truly eco and natural cosmetic products.


A WOW technology

How we do obtain the extracts?
Only with warm airflow circulation and low temperature +35 C degrees. That’s it.

In any step of production, we do not use: any kind of water, chemical solvents, diluents or its derivatives or even high temperatures that may affect micro-elements of the extract.

Our technology is:
Waterless. That is totally aligned with a waterless trend
Waste-free. Used raw material is further put to good use, in building, in food production, etc
Energy-saving. Minimum power consumption

The regions of origin of our raw material are Altai.

We buy the raw material for the Pine Extvolat extraction from the facilities located in the forest of Altai taiga. The air in these regions is pure and there are no factories around that can pollute nature.





Raw material preparation

After selection of raw material, we prepare it for pine Extvolat extraction. Tree trunks are cut into pieces of required shape, then the pieces are loaded into unit chamber, where pine Extvolat is extracted by uniform supply of warm air of the temperature below 30С.  





The end product — Pine Extvolat — goes straight to container — Intermediate bulk container or plate barrel. Then the container is sent to the finished product storage unit to wait for its delivery to a customer.