We produce raw material called Siberian pine Extvolat that has applications in cosmetic industry, pharmacology and production of functional drinks areas. We help developers  and supply chain departments leaders to solve the following problems:

To replace preservative agents in the final products. Solution: Pine Extvolat has self-preservative properties, when you add enough % (our recommendation is to start from 60-70% of total %) into the formula.

To find ECO/NATURAL raw materials. Solution: Pine Extvolat is monoproduct that is rich in essential oils, tannins and resins.   

We get Pine Extvolat at the temperature at + 30 С. That helps to save microelements and nutrients.

To find a multi-functional product. Solution: Pive Extvoat can be used as:

  • an antiseptic, anti-aging cream,
  • tonic with a light effect of skin bleaching,
  • as a means to better regenerate damaged skin of the face and body,
  • as shampoos and balms that help rid of dandruff and stimulation hair growth,
  • it is possible to use as the main ingredient in the production of toothpaste and mouthwashes.

To find a product with a sustainable approach behind.  Solution:

  • it’s a waterless. We do not use any water in any step of production. That is totally aligned with a waterless trend in beauty industry.
  • it’s a waste-free. The used raw material is processed for further usage. Used tree trunks are further used for building. All cut down trees are replaced by new plants.
  • it’s an energy-saving. Minimum power consumption. It uses as much power as any kettle does.