The history of our company has begun in a completely different field — building of low-rise cottage houses and saunas. We use dried up square-sawn pine timber as a building material, and once, during the pine wood drying process, we noticed that some condensed liquid with nice pine scent was extracted. After a research in various sources that describe useful properties of pine, we decided to try and use the liquid as an aftershave to benefit our hygiene. The result seemed outstanding to us! After application of the liquid, skin soothed fast, and any rash or small cuts healed in no time.

With the help of world-known scientists from Novosibirsk Akademgorodok we managed to learn more about the liquid’s properties and to work out production method and equipment for extracting pure pine essence the way that preserves all its valuable properties and minerals to the maximum extent possible. The whole process from the beginning to creation of our own cosmetic line took about 10 years. In this time we managed to create revolutionary innovative multifunctional natural active base ingredient for ecologically clean natural cosmetic products that contain no chemically aggressive components.