We created a technology that helps to obtain an extract of any plants. Only imagine it. You can get an extract from any shrubs, trees, seeds, vegetables and fruits. Its essence is safe and careful obtaining of volatile substances from the very juice of these plants.The technology, in fact, is simple – we load the raw materials into a sealed camera and supply air flow at +35 degrees Celsius. That’s it – only air flows and warm temperature. During the process of extraction we do not add water, solvents, any other chemical solvents, diluents or any of their derivatives. So the technology is 100% clean.

After processing used raw materials can be used further in other areas.For example, if we take a pine tree, then dried trunks can be used in construction, in building the house, dried onions go to the food industry, coffee can be further made from dried coffee beans, etc. – it is a waste-free technology.

Plus, this process is energy-saving.  So our clients get a truly Green technology without water during the process, without high temperature and without any waste.We truly believe that this technology makes a good contribution in saving our environment and makes a world a little better place to live.

A NATURE FRIENDLY PRODUCTION. Why is it truly awesome?